Tibet - The Roof of the World
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Common Knowledge About Tours to Tibet


  1. Remember not step on threshold when entering the tent or house. Calling somebody in name please add "la" behind the name to express respects. If you are asked to sit down, please cross your legs, don't stretch your legs forward and face your sole to others. You should accept the gift with both hands. While presenting the gift you should bend your body forward and hold the gift higher than your head with both hands. While offering tea, wine or cigarette, you should offer them by both hands and any fingers don't tough inside of the bowl.
  2. When the host presents you a cup of wine, you should dip your ring finger in the wine and flick the wine into the sky, in the air and to the ground respectively to express your respects to the heaven, the earth and the ancestors before sipping the wine. The host will fill the cup, and you take a sip of the wine again. After the host fills your cup again, you have to bottom it up.
  3. Tibetan people don't take horse, dog and donkey meat and also don't eat fish in some areas, so please respect their diet habits.
  4. It is not polite to clap your palms and spit behind the Tibetan people.
  5. Tibetan people stretch out their tongue to say hello to you. Also it is a courtesy to put their hands palm to palm in front of breast.
  6. No smoke in monasteries. Also it is banned to touch the statue of Buddha and religious articles and take pictures of them. In addition. all should walk clockwise (not in the Bon temples).
  7. Seeing any dagobas, monasteries or Mani piles, please go around them clockwise (not of the Bon), don't cross them.
  8. Eagles are the sacred birds in the eyes of the Tibetan people. You should not drive them away or injure them. On the outskirts, you could not drive or disturb the sheep or cows with red, green or yellow cloth strips on.
Best Season for Touring Tibet

From April to October is the best season for touring Tibet. From June to September there are more rainfalls and the scenery is beautiful. But the heavy rain may topple down mud and as a result the traffic will be affected.

Taking Some Medicines

Drugstores in Lhasa sell medicines for preventing mountain sickness. The best way is to go to the doctor and take medicine recommended by the doctor according to your conditions. Also you can take the water with 30 grams of brown sugar every day (not white sugar) and pills of multi vitamins for three days in succession. It is helpful for decreasing the chance of having mountain sickness.

Mountain Sickness

What the visitors to Tibet are concerned about is the mountain sickness. On highland, the air is thin and the air contains less oxygen. If the elevation increases quickly, you will find uncomfortable, such as taking airplanes or buses to Tibet. With mountain sickness, you will feel headache, dizzy, heavy breathing, tired and insomnia. Those with heart diseases or high blood pressure should be more careful.

Buying a Bottle of Oxygen in Case

Lack of oxygen is the main reason for mountain sickness. In many places in Tibet you can buy oxygen in bottles. You can buy one or two bottles in case. With an oxygen-taking mask, they cost 20 yuan.

Must for Adapting to Highland Climate

  1. Doing everything slowly and taking a good rest.
  2. Drinking much more water.
  3. Stabilizing the temperature of your body and not to catch cold.
  4. Bringing some pain-killers which don't cause a heavy sleep.
  5. Not take any smoke or wine.
Necessities for Touring Tibet

Heavy clothes - The weather has a big gap in the morning and evening. Even in June or July it is best to bring with you enough heavy clothes such as down coat and woolen sweater.

Sleeping bag - It is necessary for those who enter Tibet through land or tour other places than Lhasa.

Louse-killing powder - Except Lhasa, most places in Tibet have simple hotels. Maybe there are louses around. It is best to spread such powder.

Tibet has strong ultraviolet ray. In addition to sunglasses, it is useful to bring some sun blocks to prevent sunburn.

Solid food and drinks - It should bring enough high-calorie solid food with you, such as cookie, chocolate, and candy. Also you should bring enough drinking water. In addition, you should be ready to meet landslide and car broken in your tours in Tibet.

Confirmation Letter for Entering Tibet

Overseas tourists and compatriots from Taiwan should get a confirmation letter for entering Tibet in advance. Otherwise, they would be refused by the inspectors on their way to Tibet.

Tibet Tourism Bureau has established its offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and other places and issues confirmation letter for entering Tibet.

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