Tibet - The Roof of the World
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Other Information

  • Lhasa Posts and Telecommunications Office
  • Address: at the entrance to Beijing W. Road and east of the Potala Palace
  • Open hours: 9:00-20:00 (from Monday to Saturday)
  • 10:00-18:00 (on Sunday)
Telegraph Building
  • Address: at the entrance to Wucha Road in eastern part of the city
  • Open hours: 8:00-24:00
Also there are many public telephone booths and offices in which you can make an international phone call in the city proper.

Net Bar

Lhasa Telecommunications Bureau provides network services.

Barkor Cafe (in the Jokhang Monastery Square, Barker Street) also provides network services at the charge of seven yuan for 10 minutes and 40 yuan for an hour.

Some neighborhoods and hotels have network services that tourists can get in for.

Foreign Exchange

The circulated currency in Lhasa is Renminbi. Foreign currencies can be exchanged only in Lhasa, Xigaze and Zham. All the offices of the Bank of China in Lhasa provide such services. But only the General Office of the Bank of China accepts the traveler's cheques and Cash Advance.

Lhasa Holiday Inn and Tibet Hotel offer foreign currency exchange services too. You can exchange your money into Renminbi according to the exchange rate of that day with your valid passport.

Visiting other places except Lhasa, Xigaze and Zham, you'd better have enough Renminbi with you. But you can have some US dollars with you too.

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Local phone directory 114
  • Long-distance call inquiry 113
  • Weather forecast 121
  • Emergency Department of the
  • Region's People's Hospital 6322200
  • Emergency Department of the region's Second Hospital 6322115
  • The region's Foreign Affairs Office 6324992
  • Foreign Affair Office of the region's Public Security Bureau 6324528
  • Civil Aviation Ticket Office 6322417
  • Chengguan District Taxi Co. 6323762
  • Police 110
  • Fire alarm 119
  • First-Aid Center 120
  • Code for Lhasa 0891

The landscape in Lhasa is beautiful in summer and unique in winter. The snow clapped mountains, concentrated festivals and a warmer climate than other northern areas will impress you with different scenes. Those suffered from high blood pressure, respiratory infection and intestinal disorders should follow the doctor's suggestion. It is better to bring warmer and loose clothes, sunglasses and skin lotion because the ultraviolet ray on the highland is strong. In addition, you should respect the religious belief and living habits of the local people.

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