Tibet - The Roof of the World
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Itineraries Recommended

1. Lhasa-Gyangze-Xigaze-SagyaTingri-Zham-Kathmandu

This is a golden itinerary. Along it tourists can see the Nepal-style Ten Thousand Monastery, the brilliant Trashilhunpo Monastery, the river valley landscape at the juncture of the Yarlung Zangbo and Nyangqu rivers, the simple Sakya Monastery and the highest Qomolangma Peak in the world. Also tourists can visit Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, with visa. (With a valid passport, you i cm get visa to visit Nepal in Lhasa.)

2. Lhasa-Xigaze-Lhaze-Coqen-Gerze-Ge'gyai-Shiquanhe-Burang

This itinerary is attractive. Along this route tourists can enjoy the Ngari Prefecture with a sparse population, the mysterious ruins of Guge kingdom, the desolate and unique earthen forests, the Holy Mountain Kangrinboqe Peak and the Sacred Lake Mapam Yumco. But this route takes longer time.

3. Lhasa-Nyingchi-Zetang-Lhasa

This is a round route. Nyingchi is famous as an area on southern bank of the Yangtze River in Tibet and boasts many beautiful sceneries. Along this route, visitors can see the world's first Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Medog, the last county inaccessible by bus in China, the holiday resort with ethnic features by the unique Lake Pagsum Co and Zetang, the birthplace of Tibetan civilization.

4. Lhasa-Nam Co-Nagqu-Lhasa

The Nagqu Horse-Race Festival is held in July and August each year. It is good to appreciate the annual meeting held on Chongqendu Grassland in Nagqu after visiting the beautiful Sacred Lake Nam Co.

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