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Information on Tours to Ngari


There are no large restaurants in Shiquanhe Town, Ngari, but there are small ones everywhere.


Ngari Hotel has good conditions for staying but it is remote. A former residence of aristocrat, it was rebuilt into a hotel. The cost is 20-120 yuan.

The hotel provides travel services. In addition, there is Ngari Hotel in the downtown area of the city. The hotel has a good transport facilities and the cost is some 30 yuan each bed. In Burang County seat, there are the County Government Guesthouse, Armed Police Guesthouse and others with a cost of less than 30 yuan.

In Zanda County seat, there are the Armed Forces Guesthouse and Zanda Hotel and their cost is less than 30 yuan each bed.

Transport Means

Tibetan Ngari Gazelle Tourism and Transport Company delivers shuttle buses every two or three days from Lhasa to Shiquanhe and back and from Shiquanhe to Yecheng in Xinjiang and back. Also tourists to Ngari can wait for a lift at the Ngari Office in Lhasa on Nan'ang Road.

There are a few motor vehicles to Burang from Shiquanhe. Maybe you can find one by the market opposite to the inspection station in the city. It takes two days and costs 150 yuan.


There are many small shops or stalls in various scenic spots or along the road in Shiquanhe Town selling Tibetan swords, dressings, wooden bowls, aprons, adornments and silver articles.

Amusement Centers

In this area, there are bars, cafes, teahouses, net bars, sweet teahouses, Tibet flavor bars, Langmar and karaoke rooms of various sizes to meet needs of different people. Also the travel services can arrange local singing and dancing performances for tourists.


Shiquanhe Town has developed International direct-dialing telephone services and Gar, Ge'gyai and Gerze counties have laid the fiber-optical cable lines. Mobile phone calls can be used here. Other counties will develop the fiber-optical cable lines by August 2002. The postal facilities here are as good as that in Lhasa.

Net Bars

In this area there are network services in the Telecommunication Bureau, Shiquanhe Hotel and Post Office. The price is eight yuan an hour.


It is better to bring with you an oxygen bag, heavy clothes, highland-resisting medicines and medicines for common diseases such as cold and diarrhea. At the same time, you should have a good rest and avoid violent movements.

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Local phone directory 114
  • Weather forecast 121
  • Police 110
  • Fire 119
  • Code for Ngari 0897
Weather, Elevation and the Content of Oxygen

The average elevation is more than 4,200 meters and the average yearly temperature is 0.1 ¢XC. The average temperature of the coldest month is -12.1¢XC with the lowest temperature being -33.9¢XC. The average temperature of the hottest month is 13.6"C. The content of oxygen is comparably lower.

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