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Information on Tours to Nyingchi


Nyingchi has many medium-class restaurants providing Sichuan-flavor dishes. Also they provide local dishes of edible fungus and fish.

Transport Means

Lhasa-Bayi County seat

There are long-distance buses from Lhasa to Bayi County seat every day for a fee of 153 yuan each.

There are a few buses in Nyingchi Prefecture. Most tourists rent coaches from Lhasa to Nyingchi.

It is 419 kilometers from Bayi County seat to Sharman, 594 kilometers from Bayi County seat to Lhasa via Sharman and 1,000 kilometers from Lhasa to Bayi County seat, Sharman and then to Lhasa.

It is 2,243 kilometers from Bayi County seat to Chengdu via Qamdo.


Tourists can buy necessities and handicrafts in various scenic spots, hotels and from stalls along the streets and in crafts shops, such as Gongbo caps, musk, Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow lotus, bamboo woven cases, wooden saddles, wooden boxes, Tibetan-style wooden bowls, pine tree mushroom, Tendrilled fritillary bulb, Gastrodia tuber, prickly ash peel, Yi'ong swords, hedgehog fungus, orange and highland livestock products.

Net Bars

In Nyingchi Prefecture there are seven net bars and the per-hour fee is three-four yuan.


From Nyingchi Prefecture Post Office, tourists can make long-distance calls. Also you can make such calls in the county post offices.

Weather and Elevation

  1. Climate: the average temperature is 8.9¢XC with the highest being 26.7¢XC and the lowest -11.9¢XC, based on the data of the year 2000.
  2. Elevation: the average elevation is 2.991.8 meters.
Useful Telephone Numbers
  • Local phone directory 114
  • Long-distance call inquiry 113
  • Weather forecast 121
  • Code for Nyingchi 0894

1. Necessities: gloves, lip lotion, down clothes, sunglasses, surgeon's mask for winter and sunglasses and safflower oil to keep away from the mosquitoes for summer.

2. Times: By the end of October to April next year is the best season for entering the Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon.

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