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Information on Tours to Qamdo


All the hotels in Qamdo Town provide food. In addition, there are small restaurants on the street to provide local food.


  • Passenger Transport Located in Gyaru, 10 yuan at least for each Station Guesthouse bed. The facilities are simple but it is easy to find bus here.
  • Guangming Hotel Five minutes to the east of the Passenger Transport Station, its price is 25 yuan or less a bed, with a public bathing room and hot water supply in certain hours every day.
  • Kangsheng Hotel Opposite to Guangming Hotel, the price for the standard room is about 50 yuan each with new facilities, private toilet and hot water supply.
  • Qamdo Hotel 0895-4825998
  • Kangsheng Hotel 0895-4823168
  • Jindao Hotel 0895-4824999
  • Mianyang Hotel 0895-4825331
Transport Means
  • Airplane - Bangda Airport is 171 kilometers away from Qamdo and is the highest of its kind in the world. It has opened regular flights to Chengdu and Lhasa.
  • Qamdo Civil Aviation Ticket Office: Tel: 0895-4821004
  • Long-distance bus - Qamdo has regular buses to and back from Lhasa and Chengdu. Qamdo is 1,081 kilometers away from Lhasa and it takes four days and three nights by bus. Qamdo is 1,218 kilometers away from Chengdu and it takes three days and two nights by bus.
  • New South Gate Bus Station in Chengdu and Chengdu Qamdo Hotel dispatch regular buses to Qamdo.
  • Qamdo Passenger Transport Station Ticket Office Tel: 0895-4822793
  • Also tourists can find trucks to Lhasa, Markam and Chengdu. With a reasonable price, in general the drivers are willing to give a lift.
The charge for a lift (for your reference):
  • Qamdo-Lhasa: 100-150 yuan
  • Qamdo-Chengdu: 100-150 yuan
  • Qamdo-Markam: 60-80 yuan
Traffic in the town

Tricycle is big enough for two persons and the price for one trip is three yuan. Taxi is for four persons and the price for one trip is 10 yuan in city area.


Ritong Tibetan Medicines Shopping Center and Duduka Shopping Center are good places for buying what you need.


Zanglu Langma and Azhuoya Langma will meet different needs of tourists.

Weather, Elevation and the Content of Oxygen

The average elevation is more than 3,500 meters. Qamdo has a highland continental climate. The weather in northwestern and northern parts is frigid and dry and that in southeast is temperate and moist. Also it has long sunlight and strong radiation. The temperature in the daytime and night demonstrates a big gap. There are more night rains in summer but more winds in spring and winter. The yearly rainfall is 400-600 mm and the sunlight totals 2,319-2,776 hours a year.


There are 13 post offices in the area. Also there are a dozen net bars in Qamdo. Tourist Institutes Qamdo Prefecture Tourism Bureau

Add: 20 Qamdo W. Road

Tel: 0895-4821273



1. Some hotels provide no hot water. For drinking hot water you have to bring mineral water and water heater with you.

2. Foreign currencies could not be changed here and you have to bring enough Renminbi with you.

Please respect the habits and customs of local people. The roads are not good. In spring and winter you should have enough heavy clothes and in summer and autumn woolen trousers and sweater are necessary. Also you should bring some medicines with you in case, such as medicine for cold, diarrhea, eye diseases, sunburn and against oxygen deficit.

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Local phone directory 114
  • Long-distance call inquiry 113
  • Weather forecast 121
  • Code for Qamdo 0895

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