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Information on Tours to Xigaze


A night market by the Bus Station provides various kinds of dishes worthy to taste. On Jiefang N. Road and Qomulangma Road there are many restaurants providing Sichuan and Tibetan flavor dishes.


In general tourists always stay in the guesthouse in the town. The four-bed room is 20 yuan each bed. It is convenient to take bus from the guesthouse. On the way to the Southern Monastery, there is a Tibet-style hotel with simple facilities and each bed charges 20 yuan.

Transport Means

  • Lhasa-Xigaze
  • On Beijing E. Road between Balangxue and Jiri hotels, there are private-owned minibuses to Xigaze for 38 yuan each after 7:00. It takes seven hours one way.
  • Xigaze - New Tingri
  • There are no regular buses to New Tingri. But tourists can take mini-buses to Lhaze and then change for another mini-bus to New Tingri for 40 yuan each.
  • New Tingri-Rongpu Monastery
  • There are no regular buses to Rongpu Monastery and it is difficult to find a bus to there. The best way is to have a chartered car from Lhasa or Xigaze to go there.
  • Xigaze-Zham
  • Tourists always go to Zham on a chartered car.
  • Xigaze-Sagya
  • In front of the Xigaze Bus Station, there arc buses to Sagya leaving 7:30-8:00. It takes five hours to the destination for 27 yuan each.

Taxi in Xigaze

It is more difficult to take a taxi in Xigaze than in Lhasa. China International Travel Service by Xigaze Hotel provides bus rent services: 3,400 yuan for three-day tour to the Rongpu Monastery, 3,800 yuan from the Rongpu Monastery to Nepal frontier port (4,400 yuan for going and back to the monastery).

Amusement Centers

There are bars, cafes, teahouses, net bars, sweet teahouses, and minority Langmar and karaoke rooms of different grades as well as Tibet-style bars to meet needs of tourists from different places. Also the travel services can arrange folk singing and dancing performances for tourists.

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