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China Health & Fitness Tour

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture have unique curative effects on difficult and complicated cases of illness. Qigong and taijiquan, component parts of traditional Chinese medical science, are scientific exercises which integrate Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, martial arts and medical learning, learning qigong and taijiquan can be good for everyone: Those with illnesses may find relief, healthy people will become srtonger, the aged may prolong their life and the young may keep fit. We welcome you to join our Health Fitness Tour. Included in the tour ae a professional medical examination, prescription of traditional medicines and the opportunity to sample traditional curative food.

Shanghai The College of Traditional chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicines, Acupuncture and Massages and Qigong Exercises.

Jiangsu Province Wuxi- Taijiquan, Taiji Sword, Medicinal Bath and Fishing on Taihu Lake.
Hebei Province Baoding- Qigong Hospital, Health Fitness in Gulianchi and the Massage Hospital. Anguo- The world of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Yaowang Temple. Shaanxi Province Xianyang- The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and "Three Magic" Qigong.

China Health & Fitness Tour

Led by Dr. Betty Gaw, former Medical Consultant

State Department of Health Services

Organizer's Note:

Yangtze Cruises, Inc. has been organizing China Health and Fitness Tour since 1997. Our story has been published by USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, etc. The year 2001 was significant as it is designated as "the Year of Health & Fitness" by the Chinese government, to celebrate the world's embarkation into the new millennium. During the year, a series of health and fitness tour events have been arranged for all the people in the world to participate in, skiing, biking, racing, group excising, mountain climbing, martial arts competition, etc. which were officially authorized by the Chinese government and their hospitals. 

With 5,000 years of culture, Chinese people successfully developed health practices optimizing their nutrition with herbs, daily exercises for physical and mental well-being. Chinese medicine has proved to be efficacious in treating most the age-related diseases in America, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cataracts and cancers. More and more people in the United States are turning to such alternative treatments. The mind, spirit, and body connection of Chinese medicine has been practiced for centuries as the holistic and only way of keeping fit and healthy. We invite you to join us in this exciting tour in the quest of healthful knowledge blending in with Chinese culture and history.


A.  Suggested Departure Dates

Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 16, Apr 13, May 11

Jun 8, Jul 6, Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 12

Nov 16, Dec 14

B. Tour Itinerary

Day 1   San Francisco / Beijing

Depart San Francisco and fly by trans-Pacific flight to Beijing. Participants from other countries should arrange your arrival in Beijing next day.

Day 2   Arrive Beijing

Upon arrival, our local English-speaking representatives and bus driver will meet you at the airport and escort you to the Grandview Garden Hotel, a four-star, for overnight stay.

Day 3   Beijing (B, L, D)

With your private English speaking guide, you will visit the world's largest square -- Tiananmen Square, vast enough for a million people to gather. Visit the former royal and imperial court, the Forbidden City, built between 1406 and 1420. The splendor of its red walls and sea of yellow roofs are especially impressive in the radiant sunshine, and the museum collections are opulent. Visit the Temple of Heaven, which stands out by virtue of its architecture and its spacious ground, where the emperors were carried to the sacrificial ceremonies on the back of an elephants and would pass the night of the winter solstice in fasting and meditation. The roof of the hall is supported by 28 wooden pillars and the 4 inner columns -- symbolizing the seasons. Welcome dinner at the hotel tonight.

Day 4   Beijing (B, L, D)

Visit the Beijing Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital and its acupuncture clinic, Beijing Massage Hospital. Briefings given by the Director of the hospitals, lectures by experts and doctors in the field of acupuncture, herbal medicines, nutrition and diet, meditation, static & moving exercises, assumptions about the nature of the human body, massage techniques and therapeutics, manipulation massage with bone-setting, treatment with physical exercises, etc.. Then a sample treatment demonstration, advises and prescriptions of traditional medicines given to individuals by the doctors. Herbal medicine will be available to purchase. Peking Duck dinner banquet has been arranged tonight.

Day 5   Beijing (B, L, D)

Excursion to the Great Wall. Climbing the Great Wall is going to be a great and memorable experience as you hear the centuries of history of its construction, repair, and as a defending fortress from invaders. With 3700 miles long, it was constructed by hundreds of thousands of workers to prevent the Huns from invading from the North along the Yanshan Mountain ridges to the edge of Gobi Desert in the West. Visit the Ming Tombs, burial ground for 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty, which was protected by a fortified wall and strictly guarded. Its Sacred Way is a holy entrance to the 13 tombs of the emperors. You will view 500 year-old giant marble statues created by master artisans along the way.

Day 6   Beijing (B, L, D)

Visit Medical School and traditional pharmacies with herbal medicines. Visit herbal farms in the afternoon, which gives you an herbal/botanical insight of Chinese herbal medicines and their source. They are the nutrition energy interventions that reestablish harmony and equilibrium for each of us in our physiologic milieu.

Day 7   Beijing / Baoding (B, L, D)

2-hour coach ride to Baoding, a city famous for its Qigong treatment, fitness instruments, and respect of the seniors. It has been also a Chinese herbal medicine gathering and distribution center, where you can sample a lot of curative food with herbal medicine produced in northern China. Check into Yanzhao Hotel, best in town.

Day 8   Baoding (B, L, D)

Visit Baoding Qigong Hospital, with the presentation about the basic substances, like Qi, Jing, Blood, Body, Fluids and Shen, lectured by a senior Qigong master. Learn Qigong treatments demonstrated by Qigong masters and the stress-release ball performance by the local senior people, which demonstrate how these therapies are different from Western-oriented aerobic exercises.

Day 9   Baoding / Beijing / Xian (B, L, D)

Coach back to Beijing and fly to Xian, once served as a royal and imperial capital for 13 dynasties. Now it is a modern city in the Northwest. Check into the 5 star Shangri-La Golden Flower Hotel.

Day 10  Xian (B, L, D)

Visit "the eighth wonder of the world" -- the first emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum, accidentally discovered by local farmers in 1974. The 7,000 or more life size terra-cotta soldiers and horses, chariots, and weapons have been assembled and displayed in beautifully and precisely arranged pits and exhibit rooms. Banpo Neolithic Museum, with relics of 6,000 years, was in the Matriarchal Society. The collections of colored ceramics, the completely unearthed villages, house foundations, ovens for firing clay pottery, storage caves are the proof of the advanced development of early Chinese civilization. Visit the legendary Wild Goose Pagoda, a huge brick structure, rebuilt in 1580. It belonged to the great monastery of Dacian in the Tang dynasty. Huaqing imperial Hot Springs, magnificent palace built for an emperor and his concubine in the Tang Dynasty. A unique Dumpling dinner with Tang-style Song and Dance performance tonight.

Day 11   Xian / Xianyang / Xian (B, L, D)

Visit the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, topics about the concept of Yin and Yang and the five elements lectured by a senior chief doctor. It is fundamental to an understanding of Chinese traditional medicine. It helps explore the key discovery of Yin and Yang subdivision and interaction. Also visit the master of Three Magic Qigong: patients under operation do not need to be anaesthetized and the gold medallist of international expositions -- 505 Qigong Magic Bags.

Day 12   Xian / Zhengzhou (B, L, D)

Train to Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province. Attend the International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival. Visit the Yellow River, cradle of Chinese culture and local markets. Stay at the Best Western Hotel.

Day 13   Zhengzhou / Shaolin Temple (B, L, D)

Two-hour transfer to Shaolin Temple, China's most famous temple and legendary origin of Chinese martial arts. Visit and Shaolin Martial Art School and stay at the International Hotel.

Day 14   Shaolin Temple (B, L, D)

Learn China's Qigong step by step; sample the delicious and healthy vegetarian food honored by China's first Buddhist temple, and watch the fabulous martial arts and Qigong performance by the military monks, who have toured many countries, including the North America and praised by Queen Elizabeth in the UK.

Day 15   Shaolin Temple/Zhengzhou/ Huangshan (B, L, D)

Transfer to Zhengzhou and fly to Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), the country 's most noted natural beauty. Yungu Hotel.

Day 16   Huangshan (B, L, D)

Take the cable car to top of Mt. Huangshan after breakfast. Visit Shixin Peak, Cool Platform, Lion Peak, Stone Monkey Watching Sea, etc., which are regarded as nature’s art gallery. Stay at West Sea Hotel.

Day 17  Huangshan (B, L, D)

Watch the splendid sunrise in the early morning, a custom for the camera-toting tourists. Huangshan is the "Mecca" for the Chinese. Continue the visit to Mengbishenghua, Brightness Top, Flying Rock, Paiyun Pavilion, Immortal Showing the Way, etc.

Day 18    Huangshan/Shanghai (B, L, D)

Bus to Yixian County to visit the Ancient Civil Residence. Visit the Old Street in Tunxi that produced "4 treasures in study"- pen, ink, paper and yan (ink maker & container). Transfer to the airport for an evening flight to Shanghai. Check into 4 star Jianguo Hotel.

Day 19   Shanghai (B, L, D)

See the Bund, China's "Wall Street" or "Paris of the East". You will have a nice stroll at the beautiful waterfront along the Huangpu River and you can see the imposing buildings of the colonial period ranging along the bank. Your guide will pinpoint the landmark buildings across the river - China's hottest land, Pudong New Development District.

Day 20   Shanghai (B, L, D)

Join local people’s morning excises (Taiji, dancing, sword playing, etc) at the parks in the early morning. Visit East China Hospital, China's leading hospital and see the current medical status of the country. Sample curative food well cooked in this metro city, as your farewell dinner.

Day 21   Shanghai/San Francisco (B)

Escorted to the airport after breakfast, you will fly back to the US and arrive home the same day, with ever-lasting memories of a lifetime and knowledge for Health, Happiness and Longevity.


C.  Tour costs

  • $3,950 per person.
  • Land only: $2,950 per person.
  • Single supplement: $960.
  • Add-on airfare: $100--$200. Please call for your departure city.

D. Included

  • San Francisco/China round trip international air;
  • All air and ground transportation between cities;
  • Deluxe 4-5 star hotel accommodations or best available in each city;
  • 3 meals daily with American Buffet Breakfast, Chinese style  lunch and dinner;
  • Banquets and curative meals;
  • Special cultural events and performances;
  • All the sightseeing as specified in the itinerary;
  • All the visits, lectures and treatments by Chinese doctors, acupuncturists, Qigong masters as specified in the itinerary;
  • English speaking guides with private car or bus in each city;
  • All transfers between airport / hotel, with the baggage handling assistance, etc;

E. Excluded

  • Gratuities;
  • Processing of China visa ($75 per person);
  • Travel insurance;
  • Airport Taxes and International Departure Taxes.

F. Terms and conditions

  1. Not included: items not on the "included" part; purchases from the mini-bar, phone, fax and laundry; and items of a personal nature.
  2. $300 per person deposit is needed on booking. Balance is due 60 days before departure.
  3. A passport valid at least 6 months after departure date is required; and two photos are needed.
  4. Cancellation policy: a full refund less $125 p. p. will be given for cancellations received 100 or more days prior to departure; a $200 penalty applies to 60-99 days before departure; $300 penalty 31-59 days; $500 penalty 20-30 days; $800 penalty 7-19 days; no refund 6 days before or on departure day.
  5. Yangtze Cruises, Inc selects with great care reputable travel suppliers. The right is reserved to make any changes that might become necessary in executing the tours. The services are subject to conditions imposed by the suppliers: airlines, hotels, tour operators, bus companies, etc. We cannot therefore assume responsibility for any claim loss, damage, cost, injury, death, etc. resulting from factors beyond our control. All services are strictly between the suppliers and the purchaser.
  6. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

G.  Sponsored by

  • China National Tourist Office New York
  • Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Beijing Massage Hospital
  • Xian 505 Qigong Magic Bags
  • Shanghai East China Hospital

For brochures or more information, please contact Yangtze Cruises, Inc
Toll Free: (800) 779-2856.


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