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In their 20 centuriesof development, Buddhism and Taoism have exerted great influence on China's politics, economy, social life, literature and arts, music and dance, painting, architecture and philosophy. The most intact temples and mosques are located on famous mountains throughout the country. Combined with beautiful natural surroundings, these places of worship are attractive places for travelers nowadays.


  • Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, Yonghe Lamasery, Temple of Poor and Three-Bristle Cudrania, White Cloud Temple.

    Anhui Province

  • Jinhua Mountain- Huacheng Temple, the Hall to Keep Remains of Buddha, Tiantai Temple, Lianhua Peak, Tianzhu Peak, Taibai Academy.

    Shanxi Province

  • Wutai Mountain- Nanshan Temple, Xiantong Temple, Puhua Temple, Viewing of Buddhist Rituals.

    Zhejiang Province

  • Puduo Mountain- Fayu Temple, Puji Temple, Huiji Temple, Viewing of Buddhist Rituals, Zhoushan Shen Family Temple.

    Jiangxi Province

  • Longhu Mountain- mansion of Taoist Zhang.

    Sichuan Province

  • Emei Mountain- Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Buddhist Rituals.
  • Leshan Mountain- Leshan Buddha.

    Hubei Province

  • Wudang Mountain- Golden Hall, Nanyan Palace, Zixiao Palace, Taoist Music and Wudang Martial Art.

    Qinghai Province

  • Ta'er Lamasery

    Tibet Autonomous Region

  • Lhasa- Potala Palace, Norbulinka, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery.
  • Xigaze- Tashilhunbu Monastery.

Sample itinerary

Buddhism Tour

Tour Costs:

$2,600 per person from US west Coast;  September and October departures add $200 pp;

$1,600 without airfare;

$400 for single room supplement;

* Guaranteed Departure with minimum 2 people;

** Choose your own departure date;

*** You can choose your itinerary.


Day 1 US/Beijing

Fly from US West Coast to Beijing.

Day 2 US/Beijing

Arrive Beijing and transfer to your hotel.

Day 3 Beijing

Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Great Wall.

Day 4 Beijing

Visit the Buddhist temples: Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, Yonghe Lamasery, Temple of Poor and Three-Bristle Cudrania, White Cloud Temple.

Day 5 Beijing/Mt. Wutai

Train to Mt. Wutai, one of China¡¯s most noted Buddhist mountain. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 6 Mt. Wutai

Tour in Mt. Wutai.

Day 7 Mt. Wutai/Chengdu

Flight to Chengdu and transfer to your hotel.

Day 8-9 Mt. Emei

Tour in Emei.

Day 10 Chengdu/Hangzhou

Fly to Hangzhou and transfer to your hotel.

Day 11-12 Mt. Putuo

Tour in Putuo.

Day 13 Hangzhou/Mt. Jiuhua

Going to Mt. Jiuhua by bus and check into your hotel.

Day 14-15 Mt. Jiuhua

Tour in Mt. Jiuhua.

Day 16 Mt. Jiuhua/Shanghai

Fly to Shanghai for overnight.

Day 17 Shanghai/USA

Transfer to the airport and fly back to the US.

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