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Chinese civilization has a long history. Study tours are organized for young people from abroad to learn more about Chinese history and culture and to further cultural exchanges. Tourists can expand their knowledge and improve their understanding of China.


  • Museum of Chinese History, Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Visit to Residential quarters, Gatherings with Chinese Middle School Students.


  • Visit to Residential Quarters, Sports Meets with Middle School Students.

    Jiangsu Province

  • Nanjing- Visit to Universities, Dr. Sun Yet-Sen's Mausoleum, City Wall, Tomb of Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.
  • Wuxi- Visit to Middle Schools, Folk Villages, Film Studio for the Three Kingdoms Series.

    Shaanxi Province

  • Xi'an-Museum of History, Museum of Stone Tablets, Xi'an Middle School, Visit to Nursery Schools, Guanzhong Academy of Classical Learning, Xianyang Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Visit to Residents and Farmers, Duplicate Making of Cultural Relics.


  • Visit to Universities and Schools, Cultural and Sport Performances, Visit to Families.

    Shandong Province

  • Qufu- Lectures on Confucian Theory, Chinese Calligraphy, History, Folk Music, Painting, Martial Arts, Taijiquan, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cuisine, Visit to the Temple of Confucius, the Confucius'Family Mansion and the Tomb of Confucius.

    Henan Province

  • Zhengzhou- Shaolin Temple, Martial Arts School, Forest of Pagodas, Ancient Observatory.
  • Kaifeng- Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, the Imperial Street of the Song Capital.
  • Luoyang- Lectures on Buddhism, Visit to the White Horse Temple.

Spring Break Trip to China

Led by Mr. Alan James
Chair of History Dept. St. Paul School for Girls, Mariland

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