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Crossed by rivers and dotted by lakes, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces on the south of the Yangtze River have been famed as a paradise on earth since ancient times. Towns, bridges, village cottages and crop fields create a picture of beauty. The winding corridors and unique bamboo groves of classical gardens located in these two provinces are enthralling.

Zhejiang Province

  • Hangzhou- West Lake, Museum of Tea, Monastery of the Soul's Retreat and Huqingyu Pharmacy.
  • Jiaxing- Visit to Rural families along the Fuchun River and Wedding Ceremony of Fishermen on the Xin'an River.
  • Shaoxing- Jianhu Lake, Tomb of Da Yu, Former Residence of Lu Xun, River Scenes.

    Jiangsu Province

  • Nanjing- Qinhuai River Scenery, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum, Tomb of Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and the Ancient City Wall.
  • Yangzhou- Tour to Slim West Lake Along the Route Taken by Qing Emperor Qianlong, Museum of Han Tombs, Lacquerware and Jadeware Factory.
  • Zhenjiang- Ancient Street of Xijindu.

  • Changzhou- Yancheng City, Wenbi Pagoda, Tianning Temple, Dustpan-Shaped Lane and Free Markets.
  • Wuxi- Taihu Lake and Visit to Folklore Villages.
  • Suzhou- Humble Administrator's Garden, Tiger Hill, Garden of the Master of the Nets, Garden for Lingering, Zhouzhuang Village, Silk Museum, Dragon Boats.

  • Sample itinerary:

    Yangtze River Delta Tour

    Tour Costs:

    $2,300 per person from US west Coast;

    $1,400 without airfare;

    $400 for single room supplement.

    * Guaranteed Departure with minimum 2 people;

    ** Choose your own departure date;

    *** You can choose your itinerary.

    Day 1 US/Shanghai

    Fly from US West Coast to Shanghai.

    Day 2 US/Shanghai

    Arrive Shanghai and transfer to your deluxe hotel.

    Day 3 Shanghai

    Guided Shanghai tour.

    Day 4 Shanghai/Suzhou

    Train to bus to Suzhou via highway.

    Day 5 Suzhou/Wuxi

    Go to Wuxi through Grand Canal.

    Day 6 Wuxi

    Guided tour in Wuxi.

    Day 7 Wuxi/Yangzhou

    Train to bus to Yangzhou. Tour in Yangzhou.

    Day 8 Yangzhou

    Guided tour.

    Day 9 Yangzhou/Nanjing

    Bus to train to Nanjing.

    Day 10 Nanjing

    Guided tour in Nanjing.

    Day 11 Nanjing/Hangzhou

    Train or flight to Hangzhou.

    Day 12 Hangzhou

    Guided tour West Lake, etc.

    Day 13 Hangzhou/Shanghai

    Train or flight back to Shanghai.

    Day 14 Shanghai/US

    Transfer to the airport and fly back to US.

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