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Alxa Tourist Area


Located in the extreme western part of the region, the Alxa tourism area includes the Wuhai city and the Alxa League. The area is arid and Gobi is the main scenery with a magic color. In addition, natural sceneries include the Yellow River and the Mount Helanshan. In history, there was a vast oasis in the area where had been the inhabitation of some minorities of North China. Along with the change of environment in modern times, the desertification has been expanded. As a result, many historical relics were submerged in the sand. Now, the Ruins of Heicheng (black city), half hidden in between dunes, has become the most mysterious resource of tourism. In the area, there are two central cities of tourism: Wuh, ind Bayanhot City.

Ruins of Heicheng City


Situated at the east bank of the lower reach of the Ejin Nur River in the Alxa League, and at the edge of the Badan Jilin Desert, the ruin of the city is 20 km away from Dalai Hub Town of the Ejin Nur League, the only existing ancient city being kept intact on the Silk Road. The city was the ancient capital of the state of Western Xia established by the Dangxiang tribe in the north. It was called "Iji Nai", meaning black water city in the language of the tribe. The city was built in rectangle form with a circumference of about 1 km. On the southwest of the city, a church with vaulted roofing is still intact standing outside the city. Around the city, there is an area extending more than 40 km from north to south and 25 km from west to east, which is called the "reclusive and magic black dune" by the local herdsmen. The discovery of the site of the city has appealed to the concern of archaeologists and tourists of the world. They are looking forward to visiting this magic land.

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