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Whole sheep barbecued

This is the traditional Inner Mongolian flavor food. A sheep weighing about 20 kg is butchered and cleaned and roasted with its abdomen filled with green onions, gingers, peppers and salt. This course presents a whole sheep which crouches in a square wood plate in golden red color with crisp skin and tender meat.

Boiled mutton

It is also a traditional local food. It is cooked and served in a quite different way. Mutton is cut at joints with bones into several pieces and put into a pot with water. It is boiled with an intense and controlled fire. When the color of mutton changes, it is done and can be eaten. The cooked mutton is fresh without rank smell, and fatty but not greasy, and easy to be digested.

Oats Flour

The ground oats are called oats flour. It contains high protein, fat and various trace elements such as iron, calcium, and phosphor. The flour can be made into various kinds of food in different ways.

According to different requirements of eaters and seasons, different seasonings can be added and mixed with salt-preserved vegetables, or fresh vegetables in soup. Garlic and hot peppers can also be added.

Mare's Milk Drink

Mare's milk drink, or "rarg" in Mongolian, is produced with mare's milk containing very little alcohol. Mare's milk is put into a skin bag and hung in the sunshine. Take a special stick to stir up the milk several times a day so as to make it fermented and turn sour. When its color becomes limpid and clean, and it tastes sour and hot, it is called mare's milk drink, (or, literally, mare's milk wine.)

Dairy Tea

A sort of hot drink of the region. It is made with brick tea together with fresh milk. When served, usually a little salt, or butter is added. It can be mixed up with puffed rice or other dairy products. It helps to make one's stomach warm , release thirst, allay hunger, and improve function of digestion.

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