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Folk Custom


The Monglians, Daurs, Olunchuns and Owenks are leading a nomadic life together with their indispensable livestock, particularly horses, cattle and sheep. They are brought up with a character of boldness and unrestrainedness, simplicity and hospitality, and they have kept a rich and colorful culture.

They wear long robes, waist-belts, and riding boots, which are usually fitted with pearls, agates, and corals. The Daurs like to live along waterways and mountains. They wear the unique long gown made with roe deer's skin and the tall and slim hat inset with two eyes. The Owenks ride a pair of skiing plates when they go hunting and paddle a birch bark boat to go fishing. The Olunchuns live in a canopy of stone with fence around it and use colorful painted birch barks to make their daily use tools and articles. Inner Mongolia is really a colorful museum of minorities.

The tasteful wine produced in the region, together with its sweet folk songs, the lovely music of bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved in the shape of a horse's head, and passionate and unconstrained dances, and the marriage ceremony of Daurs, and the folk impromptu and bonfire dance of Owenks, as well as the folk songs of Olunchuns are always waiting for their friends and tourists coming from afar.

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