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Festivals and Celebrations


  • On April 25, a grand memorial ceremony will take place at the mausoleum of Genghis Khan in Ordos City. At the same time, marriage ceremony of Ordos, Mongolian dances and songs and an imperial court feast of Yuan Dynasty will be held.

  • In April, the "Bask Festival" of the posterities of Russian-Chinese will take place at Ergun City, Hulunbuir League.

  • From June 15 to August 16, the "Divine Spring Sacred Water and Forest Scenery" Tour will be held at Arxan Hot Spring in Xinggan League and grassland forestry area.

  • On June 18, the "Olunchun Bonfire Festival" will take place at Olunchun Banner, Hulunbuir League.

  • From June 18 to August 19, a Nadam Fair, the Wudang Lamasery religious preaching rite, and a Lamp Festival on the Nanhai River will take place on Xila Muren Grassland, Baotou.

  • In early July, a Nadam Fair will take place at Hoh Nur Grassland of Chen Barag Banner, Hulunbuir.

  • From July 20 to 25, a Grassland Tourism and Cultural Festival and a Nadam Fair will take place at Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City.

  • From July 25 to 31, a Grassland Tourism Nadam Fair will take place at Gegen Tala Grassland of Siziwang Banner, Ulanqab.


  • In early August, a "Brook on Grassland" Art Festival will take place at Xilinhot City, including a small Nadam Fair, and the performance of the Wulan Muqi Art Troupe and the Exploratory Tour of Yuan Shangdou (Upper Capital of Yuan).

    From August 18 to 20, a Horse Race Festival will take place on Horqin Grassland at Zhurihe Grassland Tourism Area, Tongliao City.

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