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Situated southeast of Inner Mongolia, the scenic spot includes two regions: the Xinggan League and Tongliao City. This area boasts the vast west Liao River Plain, the rolling middle section of the Greater Xinggan Mountains with various sceneries, including the famous groups of hot springs in Mt.Arxan, Horqin Grassland, deserts, forests and lakes. This area is an inhabitation of Mongolians, having a strong style of Mongolian ethnic custom and way of life. It provides resources for developing tourism of hotspring recuperation, grassland folk custom, desert, lake scenery, Liao cultural and archaeological study, and hilly area forestry. The area is near Liaoning, Jilin and Hebei provinces, with good transport service. Ulan Hot and Tongliao are the central tourism cities of this area.

Temple of Genghis Khan


Located on a hill north of Ulan Hot City, the Temple of Genghis Khan was completed in 1944. It is of distinguishing style. In the middle is a high and large hall flanked by two slightly smaller halls. The 2-meter-tall plaster statue of Genghis Khan stands at the center of the larger hall while the two smaller halls house the statues of Kublai Khan and Temur Khan.

Arxan Hot Springs

Located in the Arxan City, Xinggan League, the Arxan Hot Springs are distributed in the southnorth structure fault zone at the foot of the East Hill. There are altogether 48 springs within a distance of less than 800 meters, a rare spring group in the world. The place is divided into four sections according to different water temperature. The southernmost part is called cold spring section with water temperature between 3.4¢XC and 4.5¢XC . The part northward is warm spring section with water temperature between 10.5¢XC and 29¢XC. The water temperature in the section further northward, called hot water section, is between 31¢XC and 47.4¢XC; and that in the northernmost section, also called warm spring section, is around 20¢XC . The water here contains metacarbonic acid, strontium, lithium and radon, about 1 gram per liter. Such water produces a noticeable effect on skin diseases and rheumatism.

Daqinggou Nature Reserve


Located southwest to the Tongliao City, it is a state-class nature reserve. It covers an area of 8,100 hectares and is the only remaining forest vegetation, true epitome of the primitive landforms of the Horqin Grassland. But within the gully, some 100 species of woody plants and more than 400 species of herbs are lush and green all year round. Outside the gully, it is dry, hot and dusty in summer, but within the gully it is humid and cool. In winter, everywhere outside the gully is covered with snow and ice, but murmuring streams flow inside the gully. It is really a marvelous natural botanic garden.

Zhurihe Grassland Tourist Area

Zhurihe means "heart" in Mongol. The Zhurihe Grassland Tourist Area is located in the northwestern part of the Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner, Tongliao City, 86 km away from the Horqin District. It is one of the earliest large livestock farming bases established in Inner Mongolia, and also a scientific experiment base on the livestock farming modernization on northern dry grasslands sponsored by the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. It boasts 123,000 hectares of natural grassland. Here it is flat with lush pasture, quiet environment, very salubrious climate and readily transportation facilities. The yurt-styled architecture is unique and distinctive, adding a charm to this already attractive land.

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