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Located north and west of the Greater Xinggan Mountains with a vast area, the tourism area includes Hulunbuir League, with Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces to its east, and Russia and Mongolia to the west. In the area, many minorities such as Mongolians, Daurs, Owenks and Oroqens are concentrated, with strong ethnic custom. The natural tourist environment is chiefly composed of the forests of the Greater Xinggan Mountains and the grasslands in Hulunbuir, making up a natural resource of a sea of forestry and grassland. It has a cool and pleasant summer and is snowy and icy in winter. Its snow and ice landscape is another feature of this area. And it is a tourism area with the most potentialities for development in Inner Mongolia.

Hailar City

As the site of the Hulunbuir League Committee and League Administrative Office, Hailar city is the center of the Hulunbuir tourism area. Hailar is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a river running through it. With a mild cold weather in summer, it serves as an ideal summer resort. To its west, there is a state-class forest park mainly composed of camphor trees, the exclusive one of its kind in China. A ruin of military underground fortification of the Japanese invaders sits to its north, also known as the "fortress frontline". It was the largest of the 15 military strongholds established along the border of Northeast China by Japanese Army in Manchuria. Hailar has well-developed transportation facilities with a national 4C-level airport linking with Beijing, Huhhot and Chita of Russia. In addition, railway and highway communications service is available to all directions.

Lake Hulun


Lake Hulun is also called Lake Dalai, one of the five largest fresh water lakes in China, situated 45 km east of Manzhouli of Hulunbuir League, and covering a total area of 2339 square km. Lake Hulun is a summer resort with a mild cold climate and pleasant landscape. Tourists will be surprised at the sights when they are watching the birds at Ulan Cang and carps leaping over a waterfall at Ulan Gang. Besides these, they can also have a sun bath, a sand bath, or go fishing or go boating. They can also have a "complete feast of fish," made of fresh, tender, delicious and nutritious fish instantly captured from the lake. Tourists will find it interesting to watch catching fish from under ice in winter.

Hoh Nur Grassland


It is situated by the Hoh Nur Lake (meaning blue lake) in the central part of Chen Barag Grassland of Hulunbuir League, covering 20 sq km. It is snow-capped in winter, presenting the typical scenery outside the Great Wall. It is one of the typical grassland folklore tourist spots in Hulunbuir League, 45 km away from Hailar, with the No 301 national highway running through it from the south, directly to the port city Manzhouli.

Bayan Huxu Grassland

Located southwest of Owenki Banner of Hulunbuir League, the scenic spot is 39 km away from Hailar City, with very convenient transportation. Covering 5 square km, it is full of verdant grass and colorful flowers, and the meandering Yimin River runs slowly through it. Beside the river, the Mt Bayan Huxu Obo is towering aloft. Tourists can take part in minority ethnic sports, watching the sunrise and sunset on grassland, and visiting families of herdsmen.

Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mountain Villa


Situated on southeast suburbs of Yakeshi City of Hulunbuir League, 8 km off the city proper and 87 km away from Hailar City, the villa has convenient communications facilities. The villa area takes up 99 hectares, including mountains, lakes, forests and plains (gardens) and dotted with many European style buildings and elegant villas hidden in woods. It is the best place for sightseeing, holiday making in summer, taking forest bath and making an ice and snow tour. The Phoenix Mountain Villa boasts a complete range of service for tourists larger groups and for holding conference.

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