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Mid-Inner Mongolia Scenic Area

East Route:

  1. Hohhot-Huiteng Xile Grassland-Jining-Daihai Hot Spring-Hohhot Season: June-October Period of time: three-five days
  2. Hohhot-Gegen Tala Grassland (or Xila Muren Grassland) Season: June-October Period of time: two-three days
West Route:
  1. Hohhot-Harsuhai-Meidai Lamasery-Saihan-ToroiHoliday-Resort-BaotouWudang Lamasery-Resonant Sand Gorge-Dongsheng-Mausoleum of Genghis Khan-Gorges and valleys of Yellow River-Jungger Open Coal MinesTogtoh-Hohhot
  2. Hohhot-Baotou-Wudang Lamasery-Resonant Sand Gorge-DongshengHighway through the Resonant Sand Belt Area-Ordos Folk Cultural VillageYinchuan Season: May-October Period of time: five-eight days
Xilin Gol-Chigeng Tourist Area
  1. Beijing-Chifeng-Ruins of Liao Zhongjing (Central Capital), Darning PagotaNingcheng Hot Spring-Ruins of Hongshan Culture-Ongniud Yulong DesertBayan Tala Grassland
  2. Beijing-Chifeng-Gongga-Grassland-BayanXile-Grassland-Xilinhot-Bezi Temple-Xiritala Grassland-Site of Yuan Shangdou-Duolun-Beijing Season: June-October Period of time: 8-10 days
Hulunbuir Tourist Area

West Route:

  1. Hailar-Hoh Nur Grassland-Manzhouli-Lake Hulun (Dalai Lake)-Bayan Huxu Grassland-Owenki Banner-Hailar Season: June-September, or Jan-March Period of time: 4-6 days
East Route
  1. Hailar-Yakeshi Fenghuang Mountain Villa-Zhalanten HolidayResort-Harbin Season: June-September or Jan.-March Period of time: 3-6 days
North Route:

Hailar-Jinzhanghan Nomadic Tribe-Ergun (Heishantou Port, boundary river between China and Russia) -Gen He River-Olunchun Banner-Qiqihar Season: June-September, or Jan.-March Period of time: 5-8 days Horqin Tourist Area

  1. Changchun, or Shenyang-Horqin Left Wing Rear Banner- DaqinggouTongliao-Molimiao Reservoir-Zhurihe Grassland-Huolin Gol city
  2. Changchun-Ulanhot-Alxanhot-Springs-Cuckoo Lake-Tianchi-ShitanglinYimin-Hailar Season: May-October Period of time: 5-8 days
Alxa Tourist Area

Yinchuan-Bayanhot-Yanfusi Temple-Alxa Princely Mansion-primitive Forest in Mt. Helanshan-Badan Jilin desert-Ejin Nur Banner-Ruins of Heicheng-Forest of Diversiform Leaved Poplar-Jiayu Pass Season: June-September Period of time: 10-15 days



The traffic has been well developed in the region with highways leading to various directions. The national highways, or province-level or county-level highways have been constructed to form a traffic network covering the whole region from east to west. There are two hubs of railways: Hohhot and Baotou in the west, and Tongliao in the east. The so-called "grassland train" runs from east to west of the region. The Beijing-Baotou railway and the Beijing-Lanzhou railway have become important lines to link with Beijing. In recent years, the region's civil aviation service has made much headway with many airports being built in Hohhot, Baotou, Xilinhot, Chifeng, Tongliao, Hailar and Ulanhot. Direct air flights have now been opened between various tourism areas in the region and other provinces and cities, providing readily access for tourists to the region. Along with the advancement of the state development program of western China, communication facilities will be further improved and provide strong support to the tourism development of the region.

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