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Key Routes for Tourists

There are four tourist routes stretching towards east, south. west and north with Guiyang as the center:

  1. West Qian golden tourist route featured in viewing Kashite natural landscape and getting the idea of Buyi and Miao ethnic customs and practices. Namely -buiyang(Red Maple Lake ( Anshun (wax printing, local opera, Buyi stockade, ?Miao ethnic custorns)(Dragon Palace(Huangguoshu large waterfall (Tianxi Bridge stone forest emerging on water(Zhijing Cavern(Huajiang grand Canyong Xinyi(Maling River torrent flowing through ground gap).
  2. East Qian pearl tourist route featured in appreciating numerous and colorful Miao and Doug ethnic custom, and practices, minority architecture and grotesque and graceful mountains and waters. Namely Guiyang(Kaili (Miao ethnic festivals)(Liping(Dong ethnic customs and ancient architecture group)(or Shibin (Sanmu River self-service stream, Yuntai mountain wonderful peaks and grotesque rocks(Zhenyuan (Wuyang River sightseeing, Dragon Cavem ancient architecture) (Tongren(Fanjing mountain Buddhist culture resort, human and biology protection Circle).
  3. South Qian emerald tourist route featured in understanding ecology of Kashite forest and ethnic customs. Namely Guiyang (Dujun (Sandu(Shui ethnic customs) (LiboKaqi virgin forest, Grand and Minor Seven-arch, Suichun River stream, Yao ethnic customs).
  4. North Qian agate tourist route featured in serving living fossil of horse chestnut and wine culture. Namely: Guiyang(Zazuo Golf Holiday Center(Xifeng (hot springs) (Wuiiang Zunyi(Yangcan tomb, Xiang shan temple) (Renhuai(Maotai national wine cultural city. Maotai Winery)(Cishui(Thousand Waterfalls Country, Bamboo Forest Park, Horse Chestnut Park).

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