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Guizhou Travel and Tours Guide

Situated in southwest China and attributed to subtropical plateau zone, Guizhou is known as "Qian" for short. Mountains and hills take up 97% of the total area of the province. With unique surroundings, varied topography, pleasant weather and a temperature of 15¢Xc on an average without sever cold in winter and sweltering hot in summer, it is the most immensely developed area of karst in the world.

The province is rich in tourist resources featured in colorful variety, wide distribution and admirable sightseeing. Waterfalls, canyons, mountains, rock forests, lakes, hot springs and karst caverns are located everywhere in the province. The 8 world's wellknown national level scenic resorts are Huangguo Tree, Dragon Palace, Gold Woven Cavern, Wuyuang River, Red Maple Lake, Libozhang River, Maling River and Cishui; five national level reserves are Fanjing Cavern, Plant, Maolankashite Virgin Forest, Cishui Horse Chestnut and Weiningcaohai Birds, the tropical evergreen broadleaf forest of Central Asia in Xishui and 24 provincial scenic resorts with special flavor including Flower Brook, Mud Pit and Rock Forest, etc.

Guizhou permeates unsophisticated local customs, unique national culture and fantastic habits with a long history and numerous historic heritages and relics, involving 9 national level key reserves and 239 provincial cultural relic preserves, such as the Zunyi Meeting site, Yangcan Mausoleum, Puding Through-cave Paleoanthropogenic cultural relics, Zhengyuan Dragon Cave, Congjiang Doug Stockade Drutn Tower, Bijie Yi ethnic Tribe Chiefs Manor, Dafang Maiden Tomb, the former site of Xifeng Concentration Camp and Pan County Cavern.

In the past few years, with the swift development of tourism in GUlzhon, four major tourist routes have been formed stretching towards east, west, south and north with Guiyang as the center. The eastern route centers on national flavor, the western route features in natural landscape, the northern route is praised for renowned cities and wines and the southern merges natural attractions and national style into a whole.

Reputed as a "Garden Province", Guizhou has attracted more and more tourists both at home and abroad by its genuine mountains, waters and flavors.

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