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Known as a "city of South China in the northeast," the picturesque Ji'an is located on the bank of the Yalu River in southereastern Jilin Province. It has a mild climate and rich products.

Ji'an has a long history. More than 4,000 years ago, men came to multiply there. It became the political, economic, and cultural center of Gaojuli State when Gaojuli State moved its capital to Ji'an in A.D. 3. After Gaojuli perishedm Bohai State and the following Liao, Jin, Mingm and Qing dynasties all established administrative offices there, leaving behind them many historical sites and relics. Ji'an is an ideal place for tourists to visit ancient sites and admire scenic attractions.

Ji'an Municipal Museum
Built in 1958 at 88 Yingbin Road in northern Ji'an, the museum extends 1,082 square meters in area. It consists of the West, East, and Main halls housing more than 11,000 historical relics, which show Gaojuli State's rich exquisite, unique culture. The museum shoulders the task to collect, exhibit, and do research work of the historical relics. It is an important place to carry out education in patriotism and materialism.

The Jingyue Pool National Forest Park.Stone Tablet at the Tomb of King Hao Tai
Carved out of a whole breccia tuff 1,500 years ago, the tablet in front of the tomb of Hao Tai, the 19th king of Gaojuli State, is four kilometers east of Ji'an City. The tablet is slightly in the shape of a square column, inscribed with Chinese characters in neat official script. It stands 6.39 meters high and 1.34 to 2 meters wide and bears inscriptions on all sides. The inscription on each side are neatly arranged in horizontal and vertical row. The tablet renders important information to the study of the establishment and development of Gaojuli State.

Wunu Peak National Forest Park
Stretching for 687 hectares in area, the park is to be fond in the enchanting Laoling Mountains, 21 kilometers from urban Ji'an. It has a forest cover of 94.5 percent, fresh air, comfortable climate, and green mountains where birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance. There are 26 mountain peaks, of which 17 tower 1,000 meters above sea level, with the highest being 1,337 meters and the lowest, 653 meters high. The park is divided into ten scenic areas, eight are open to tourists.

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