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Jilin Travel and Tours Guide

Situated in northeastern China, Jilin Province is one of the three regions in the world known for the black earth. It produces a great quantity of grain, minerals, and special products and grows a vast expanse of forests.

Jilin Province is also one of the major forest regions in China. The Changbai Mountains in eastern Jilin, known as the "Changbai Sea of Forests," rise and fall for 1,000 kilometers. Here grow Pinus sylvestriformis and other ancient trees. The province features 7.769 million hectares of timberland and 41.3 percent of forest cover. It produces 6 million cubic meters timber yearly, the second in China.

Jilin boasts of rich mineral resources. A total of 136 minerals have been discovered, and the deposits of 75 discovered minerals have been ascertained. The province leads other provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in terms of oil shale reserve, comes out in front in the reserves of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, cyanite, andalusite, mould-casting sand, refractory clay, limestone, vein quartz, diatomite, speckstone, plumbago, and gypsum, and has rich deposits of gold, silver, petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

Trees in the Changbai Mountains under snow.Jilin is a world-renowned producer of the "three treasures of northeastern China,"- ginseng, mink, and pilous antler. Its output of ginseng and pilous antler surpuses that of other regions in China. Ginseng from Xinkaihe of Ji'an City has the best quality. There are more than 2,700 species of wild plants, including 90 of medicinal value. Of which over 70 can be used in the manufacture of perfumes and tonics. There are also more than 80 specimens of edible fungi. Glossy ganoderma, elevated gastrodia, astragali, and other medicinal herbs have long been known far and wide. Hedgehogtfungus and other special products are much sought after by consumers, both Chinese and foreign.

Jilin has abundant tourism resources. There are 12 tourist areas, 349 tourist spots, 92 sightseeing spots, 35 nature reserves, and 8 places of historic interest and scenic beauty, 104 historical sites under state and provincial protection, 21 national forest parks, and 3 provincial tourist resorts.

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