Colorful and Multifarious Folk Customs

  • She can show you how to
    blow a whistle with a leaf

  • Fetching the spring water
    to serve friends from afar.
  • China is a big family comprising 56 members, each of which has its own culture and folklore. Getting involved in this culture and folklore will be another exciting aspect of your trip. Peking Opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture, charming to both domestic and foreign fans. In the tea house, you can learn about the Chinese tea culture while enjoying the fragrant tea. Riding camels in the vast desert will lead you back to the ancient Silk Road.

    You can join in the culture by visiting the City God Temple in Shanghai, participating in the Torch Festival of the Yi, Bai and other ethnic groups in Kunming, celebrating the Water Splashing Festival together with the Dai people in Xishuangbanna, watching wrestling in Inner Mongolia, and roaming in the bazaar in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. China's folklore is like a treasure house, open to you at any time.

  • "Smoking only with this pipe can
    satisfy my craving."

  • Wedding Ceremony of Bai Nationality.

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