Theme Parties and Thematic Activities

  • The "ministers" look quite joyful
    at the Emperor's Banquet.

  • This is subtly prepared for you, the
    highly valued guests.

  • A cocktail on the Great Wall
  • China has long been attractive with its numerous places of interest and historical sites. The 5,000-yearlong history, the precious heritage and rich, brilliant culture are the ideal resources for the theme parties and thematic activities.


    The luxurious decoration, the elegant atmosphere; the pleasant ancient music and rare dishes prepared for the "Emperor's Banquet" will bring you into a dreamland of a royal palace. When receiving the invitation from the "Emperor" you will be dressed brilliantly like a minister ready for the banquet. The solemn presence of the "Emperor" will unavoidably stir a sensation. While enjoying the sumptuous and delicious food you will also be entertained by the singing and dancing by the "Court Song and Dance Ensemble." This is something you will experience nowhere else in the world.


    Beijing is a thriving and vigorous metropolis and easy to arrange thematic activities. The Shangri-La China World Hotel has recently organized the Beijing Food Street activities, drawing friends from afar with strong local flavor activated by drums and gongs, lion dances, acrobatics, kites, calligraphy and painting shows, seal cutting and many other arts and craft activities.

    SHANGHAI 1920s

    Shanghai is a nightless metropolis known as the "Oriental Paris." What did it look like in the 1920s? You will find the answer at the Portman Shangri-La which offers you a full picture of old Shanghai in terms of cuisine, clothing, recreation and environment.

  • The "Big Pot Tea" is everybody's

  • History seems to repeat itself here.

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