Colorful Nightlife

  • The traditional Chinese music is
    really an enjoyment.

  • Peking Opera, one of the most
    famous and colourful operas in the
  • You may feel exhausted from your busy day-time travelling and long meetings. Don't worry, the delightful variety of entertainment at night will give a fresh lease of life. Sitting in the elegantly decorated dinner show venue, you can enjoy tasty Chinese food while watching Peking Opera, first class acrobatics and royal dancing of the past. Or you can find a teahouse, tasting famous tea or local snacks, where you can also learn something about the traditional tea ceremony and the daily life of ordinary people.

    For those who prefer modern recreation and sports, China has a wide choice. The bulk of hotels here boast mufti-function karaoke lounges equipped with up-to-date facilities for singing and discoing, as well as offering saunas, health clubs and swimming pools.

  • The well-known Lao She Tea

  • The court dance of the Tang
    Dynasty is another wonderful

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