Gastronome's Paradise

  • Is it a work of art or a local flavour?
    Actually both.

  • Warm and satisfactory

  • You'll find a little bit of China wherever you go as Chinese restaurants are scattered all over the world. Chinese cuisine has long been held and tasted with affection. No place but in China can you enjoy the amazing variety of traditional Chinese food. After a day's exciting to touring, the carefully served-up mouthwatering and delicious Chinese food will sweep you away into another world of enjoyment.

    Chinese culinary culture dates back as early as some 3,000 years ago according to historical records. The vast territory, a variety of nationalities, rich natural resources and varied climate help form various styles of Chinese food and local snacks. The most famous Chinese foods are represented by the Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan and Huaiyang dishes.

    Among the special dishes, the royal, vegetarian and medicinal ones are the most renowned. The royal dishes are prepared according to the menu of the royal courts of past dynasties. The vegetarian dishes are a gathering of those of monasteries and temples, royal palaces and the locals. The medicinal dishes have a medical effect upon certain diseases, and are prepared by master chefs according to menus handed down for generations. It is hard to say how many local snacks there are in China. Have you ever had Zhong dumplings, Lai glutinous stuffed dumplings and the dragon-beard noodles? No dish suits all tastes, however, with such a variety of dishes there will be something in China to suit your taste.

    But don't just look and listen, get involved, come and enjoy it.

  • The well-known Peking roast
    duck served at Qianmen Roast
    Duck Restaurant.

  • A dazzling buffet.

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